Faster, Stronger, Thinner, More Balanced

I’m 37. I’m in, maybe not THE WORST shape of my life, but I’m certainly tipping the scales at the highest (lowest?) point. I don’t say the worst because although I am obese, I can also bench press a volvo. Seriously. I like lifting weights and recently decided that instead of lifting to lose weight I’d lift to see how much I could do. I’m leg pressing 210. I’m excited for the day it matches my boyd weight. (Also hoping they pass each other on the way, as one goes down and the other goes up).

But I am not tone, not ripped, not sleek, nor am I fast. I live at the top of 39 steps and coming home with groceries winds me.

My goal is to be in the best shape of my life by 40.  That’s just slightly less than 3 years away. (2 years, 10 months). I want to be faster, stronger, thinner, more balanced. I want to be the best me. I could’ve set a goal for 39 (or even 38) but 40 has such a nice ring to it. And at more then 100lbs to lose, safely, it also seems like an attainable goal. If I look at my weight loss as a steady downward trend of 2lbs/ week, I should be able to reach my goal weight in about a year. But I want more than a smaller number. I want faster, stronger, thinner, more balanced. And we all know there will be plateau’s when I don’t lose those 2lbs that week.

Faster. Stronger. Thinner. More Balanced.